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Hey There

As you're likely finding out, choosing a therapist is a deeply personal decision. I think its important for you to know a little more about my training, my clinical experiences, and how my diverse experiences give me the expertise to best help you get to where you'd like to be. 

A little more about me

I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. While studying I served as an intern for the Child Advocacy Center where my passion for advocacy and clinical work began. I then completed my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Health Psychology at Albizu University in Miami, FL. During my graduate training I provided care at our University clinic with foundational clinical experiences and soon recognized my passion for the unique mind-body relationship. I then sought out advanced practice placements at the Oliver Platt Centers for Eating Disorders focusing on adolescent care and Jackson Memorial Hospital on the Medical Psychology Consultation Liaison service.  I was then matched to the highly sought after Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, MI where I completed rotations in general outpatient psychiatry, bariatric surgery,  trauma surgery, and transplant surgery. My experience in Detroit highlighted the impact of health disparities, broadened my knowledge and cross-cultural competence, and fueled my passion for advocacy and health literacy.  After careful consideration I accepted a postdoctoral fellowship with the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics on their Consultation Liaison (CL) Health Psychology service with minor rotations in transplant and weight management. Much like my prior experiences on a CL service I worked across all medical/surgical units in the hospital including a level-one trauma center, renowned burn care center, and critical care units and honed the skills necessary for caring for individuals whether this was their first or 10th hospitalization, planned or unplanned. Upon completion of my fellowship, I now serve as a full-time, licensed, staff psychologist, clinical supervisor, as well as a regular Guest Lecturer for graduate students and fellows.


One common theme across my experiences is the respect I have for my clients and the privilege it is to walk with them on their journey. I find the availability of quality outpatient mental health resources, particularly in our community, to be quite frustrating for clients and therefore highlight the importance of helping you when you need it. With this in mind, I practice in a way that allows for a client to be seen in a rather quick manner upon reaching out to me and collaborate together to find the cadence which meets your needs. ​






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